Becky “Cha Cha” Krause

Writing, Acting, Stage Combat, Pudding Wrestling
Somewhere between 2014 and 2114
Joined Fools
Spring 2011
Chicago suburbs
Favorite Hun
Life Goal
Work in engineering while still performing for fun
Becky is majoring in Computer Engineering at Purdue University. Her long term aspiration is to become an old cat woman.
Humorous Biography
The Fools pulled into the beautiful Havana Harbor. They needed supplies, again, and went out into search parties to see what merchants they could squabble with in order to win the rations. One of the Fools hollered for his comrades, and the rest came running. Looking through the crowd, two street dancers were performing the cha-cha with great dexterity. A bowl lay on the street with a few coins in it. Seeing this, Lucky went to steal the dish and its contents. But the female dancer noticed the stealth pirate, and drew a blade from within her skirts. Holding it close to his throat, she warned him to never steal from a performer, and released him from her grasps. Impressed by her chutzpa, the Fools convinced Cha-Cha to join them in their merriment, and possibly teach them to dance like her.

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