Alex “SOG” Semchuck

Spiritual Guide
Fighting Style
Cheek Turning
Blood Type
Lacking a moral compass, the Ship of Fools were adrift on a sea of ethical quandaries. Lacking a magnetic compass, the Ship of Fools were also adrift on the Mediterranean Sea. Upon washing ashore onto a desert beach, they encountered a wandering hippie. Hungry due to a combination of being improperly provisioned and not wanting to eat stones, the hippie offered to guide them in exchange for letting him break into their bread rations. The agreement continues to this very day, with Alex (not Brian, as some originally guessed) guiding them in the ways of moral plundering instead of plundering morals, and also giving them fishing lessons on the side. While generally peaceful, Alex does have a vindictive streak, as anyone who dares cross him soon finds out.

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