Adam “Chaos” Weatherford

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Sarcasm and the anti-joke 

Arrested Development, Eating and Daydreaming
Adam is seeking a BA in Film from Purdue University. He already has a BA in Technical Writing, which might explain his quick wit. He thoroughly enjoys what he does, and will be graduating in the spring of 2013. Something that Adam is really bad at is getting back to the Webmaster, which forces said Webmaster to write his bio for him.
Humorous Biography
The Fools were merely drifting through the oceans, with plenty of rations for each of the pirates. One day, Angel Hair went below searching for another barrel of rum when, from the corner of his eye, he saw a man hiding amongst their fare. Bringing him up onto deck for all the Fools to see, the crew was mortified to have had a witness to their merriment. The crew, after each Fool having had a mug or two of grog, began to descend into chaos, trying to decide what to do with the stowaway. The man merely stood amongst it all, looking back and forth, with a broad, fiendish smile on his face. The crew continued to argue for weeks, and all the while the man stayed aboard the ship. Eventually, the Fools forgot what they were arguing about, and the man remained with the company. They barely remember anything else about the man, just the disorder that Chaos had caused.

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