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End November Right!

November is coming to a close. Refrigerators are full of leftovers from Thanksgiving, students are getting anxious for the upcoming winter break, and preparations for the approaching holidays are underway. But one thing is missing: An improv comedy show!

The Ship of Fools are performing on November 30th at 8:30 pm in Matthews 210! They’ve performed only a few times this semester publicly, and want one more show before going into hibernation for the beginning of winter.

As many people know, Fridays are the day of the week for Open Forum, where anyone can try their hand at improv. So what will become of Open Forum? It’s still happening! Earlier in the day, even.

At 6:30, in BRNG 2280, try your hand at improv comedy until 8:15, and then head over to Matthews 210 to watch The Ship of Fools!

It’s the last night of November, and it is FILLED with improv! Now that’s how you end a month properly.
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Thanksgiving Dinner

Guess who’s coming to dinner! 
And by dinner, we mean to an improv comedy show.
Here’s a hint. They’re smart, gorgeous, and recognize quality comedy when they see it.
Can’t figure it out?
It’s you!

Friday, November 16th, Ad Liberation and The Ship of Fools are teaming up again! This time, for a Thanksgiving Extravaganza! Both troupes will be performing in Matthews 210, at 7:30, showing off their improv skills for your amusement!

So even though their won’t be roasted turkey or cranberries, there will be so much laughter, you won’t miss that other stuff.

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Dive Into Hilarity!

Improv? Ship of Fools? Are they even a troupe anymore? We promise we are, and we’re ready to start performing for you guys!

On October 19th at 8:00 pm The Fools will be performing for the public the first time this semester! Sorry for the late start, but we promise to make up for it! There is still plenty of time to bring the funnies to Purdue! Come to Matthews 210 and we will prove it to you!

So be ready to dive into hilarity with The Fools on Friday! Be sure to bring your laughter suits! (They’re like swim suits, but for laughter.)

“LAUGH”ayette FUNstival!

The Ship of Fools will be performing, along with many talented groups and performers, at Ad Liberation’s first West Lafayette Comedy Festival! It’s a free event, and will be a night filled with laughter!

Just to recap,

Date: September 15th, 2012

Time: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Location: Matthews Hall, room 210 in West Lafayette, Indiana.

For more information, visit This includes links to some of the other groups who are coming from all over to perform! Be sure to check it out, and come to support the funnies!