Final 2013 Open Forum!

The fall 2013 semester is coming to a close! With it, another successful semester of Purdue Improv Club fun! Now, this Friday is all about having a good time, and celebrating such a great fall. As always, everyone is welcome!


The Purdue Improv Club has been really proud of how involved our members have become in the improv community! Our Saturday workshops, run primarily by Kyle Reeves, have been flourishing, and we are seeing some great things from attendees. Four of our active members have audition for, and successfully joined, two improv troupes on campus this semester alone. Billy Louie and Emily Gruss, who joined our very own Ship of Fools, and Jason Taylor with Mohammad Abdullah Najam joined our cohorts over in Ad Liberation! And, now more than ever, Open Forum is a stress free environment for anyone to try improv comedy!

There is a Facebook event page devoted to making sure everyone has a blast! Please post any and all suggestions you have for games that should be played, either on that event page, or post a comment here.

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